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Hair Extensions

Micro Loop/Micro Ring Hair Extension are a perfect method for clients who do not want a heat bonded system. Quick affordable bond free solution leaving no damage to the hair.

Full Head
Micro Loop/Micro Ring Hair Extensions 250-300 Strands              £390

Price based on 250 strands. Includes Fitting, After care Kit and a 2 week check up with complimentary Wash and Blow Dry

Half Head Micro Loop/Micro Ring Extensions 100-150 Strands                      £250

Price Based on 100 Strands. Includes Fitting, After Care Kit and a 2 week check up and complimentary Wash and Blow Dry.

After Care Kit Includes

L'Oreal Shampoo and Treatment mask.

(Kits may vary and subject to availability)

Removal (if done here)                      £50

Removal (if not done here) approx     £80

Consultation at least 3 days before appointment. Minimum nonrefundable deposit of £100. All hair ordered is specifically for you. In some circumstances the full price of the hair may be payable.

All prices above are based on the number of strands stated so if you don't need that many the price will be less. The price will be confirmed on your consultation.

Consultations are FREE